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Johnny Cupcakes Tradeshow BoothJohnny Cupcakes SpeakerLast summer I attended the ASI Show in Chicago and that is where I met Johnny Earle – or rather, Johnny Cupcakes. I could tell by the large group at his booth and how they were all listening so intently to the “guy” there, I needed to hear his story.

And what a story it is – he opened a shop called Johnny Cupcakes in Boston that looks and smells like a bakery, but without cupcakes! The store displays culinary-themed T-shirt designs inside refrigerators and cases, and packages them in pastry boxes to add to the unique experience. His signature cupcake logo is on all of his products. A new design is rolled out every Friday at noon, with people waiting and lined up around the block to get the newest designed t-shirts.

It’s so hard to describe Johnny – other than he is brilliantly creative, fun and an inspiration! The passion he has for his stores, his fans and helping others bring out their creativity is tireless. After hearing him speak last month at PPAI, it confirmed what I already knew: not only does he deliver an incredible message, he spent time with us after his speech to just chat and talk about ideas.

Johnny Cupcakes with Avalon Image Group

“This is a quote that I put on the inside of each T-Shirt’s hem tag. It’s important. It’s what brought me on this fun journey. I learned by experience. You should too! Everyone has great ideas, but many are afraid of failing. I fail every day, but they are all learning lessons. Eventually something has got to work, right? That imaginary brick wall in your mind is made out of marshmallows and opportunities. You should eat that wall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Check out his youtube video and you can see for yourself!! And if you’re ever in Boston – stop by his “bakery”!

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