Creative Ordering 102

Creative Ordering Thought I would piggyback onto Mandy’s Ordering 101 blog of great fundamental information for ordering and the various aspects that go into your marketing projects. When a prospect asks us what makes us different than any other promotional products company, it’s a simple answer: creative solutions!

Selling promotional products is certainly not rocket science, but taking that to another level by offering innovative and relevant solutions requires time, proactive thinking and a lot of creative brainstorming.

Once we have the basics (quantity, budget, in-hands date), we dig much deeper to totally understand your goals with your marketing campaigns:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the theme of the event?
  • What message do you want the promotional giveaway to send?
  • How can you measure the ROI?

…You get my drift.

…if we learn to step out of our comfort zone and not be afraid to fail, something awesome will probably happen.
Coming off the heels of our industry’s largest tradeshow, it is more evident to me that so many in our industry are totally product-focused. If that’s what they prefer, great! But in today’s market, we choose to differentiate ourselves. Creative, clever, original!! If you ever get the chance to hear Johnny Cupcakes speak, or just go to his website, you’ll understand what I’m saying. He’s a brilliantly innovative guy whose story confirms there are no boundaries to imagination and creativity!

It’s funny…at what age do we lose that imagination? When we’re old enough to realize people might think our ideas are silly, or stupid, or it just might not work? So what! Not every idea will work, but if we learn to step out of our comfort zone and not be afraid to fail, something awesome will probably happen. If not, at least we’ll have fun trying!

There are limitless ways to customize and offer a total creative package that doesn’t have to break the bank. We are here to offer these ideas to you – set you apart from your competition, stand out with your employees, get noticed with prospects and your community. We are so much more than “the product” and so are you! Through art, design, bundling, custom packaging, we can offer your recipient an experience. So let us think as if we have nothing to lose and get our creative on!!