Avalon - iPROMOTEuiPROMOTE-who?  iPROMOTEu – that’s who!

You are going to see me mention iPROMOTEu regularly, so thought I would fill you in on the ‘who, what, why, when’, etc…!

iPROMOTEu is a promotional products industry powerhouse.  They provide back office support, marketing, order financing, and tech streamlining to distributors like Avalon.  When the opportunity arose in 2006 to partner with them, Terri and Shawna jumped at the chance to become an iPROMOTEu Affiliate.  To date, there are 1003 Affiliates; we were #268.

 “…being an Affiliate connects us to unrivaled buying power.” 

Avalon has access to iPROMOTEu Preferred Suppliers – suppliers who joined forces with iPROMOTEu to pass on competitive pricing, expedited shipping, and dedicated customer service to Affiliates.  Avalon is a small, woman-owned company, so being an Affiliate connects us to  unrivaled buying power.  This means quality and savings for you (we’ll make you look like a rock star to your owner or accounting dept!), plus you get the bonus of working with us!

With Avalon, you get our dedicated services of finding the right options for your employees, clients and events.  We’ll answer the phone and/or respond to emails directly – no 1-800 robo-reps here, or pop-up windows to ‘chat’.  Our time is devoted to your projects while iPROMOTEu handles our back office tasks.

Fun fact:  Avalon has been (proud!) regulars on the FUN 30 List created by IPU’s President & CEO, Ross Silverstein!

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