The Gift That Keeps on Giving

“FROM WHAT WE GET, WE CAN MAKE A LIVING; WHAT WE GIVE, HOWEVER, MAKES A LIFE.”– ARTHUR ASHE We encounter different people along life’s path. It is no mistake that the people you meet came into your life at that very … Read More

Objects and Pixels and Paths, Oh My!

Here’s the promised follow up on last week’s post where we compared vector and raster images.  Now we’ll uncover why it matters (or when) in regards to your marketing, such as when you’re ordering company shirts or talking to your … Read More

Vegas, Baby!

Promotional Products Association International throws their kick off PPAI Expo every January, and we love going for many reasons! First, we get to see old friends (iPROMOTEu staff and Affiliate friends), and meet new faces (new iPROMOTEu affiliates). Second, we visit with … Read More

Going the Extra Mile for You

“THERE ARE NO TRAFFIC JAMS ON THE EXTRA-MILE” Doing a bit extra these days; well, not many people embrace this.  We are so wrapped up in doing so much that we often times forget that it’s the little things that … Read More

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