Thank You – Two simple words that mean a whole lot.


As we are winding down the year and excited about setting next year’s goals and visions, it makes me think about the people we work with daily who make us the company we are.  We constantly strive to make our company/services better and the best we can – and there are so many people we communicate with every day who have a major impact on these goals.

All of these committed people enable us to be an incredible marketing partner to our customers.

From our amazing business partner in Boston, the backbone of our company for ten years, these people have worked tirelessly for us, always growing opportunities so we can be stronger. While there is so much competition in this industry, the colleagues we have met through this group have become family; rather than worry about who might see our customers, we share ideas, challenges and victories with each other on a daily basis. This is the most incredible group of creative, compassionate and sharing people.

Our uber talented graphic designer/artist  – wow – she makes our visions come to life. Thank goodness there are those who see things we don’t and stretch us out of our comfort zone. Our steadfast suppliers – they are on the front lines of rush jobs, inventory issues, a job gone bad, and yet they bend over backwards to make it right and still beg to let them help us with so many creative initiatives. All of these committed people enable us to be an incredible marketing partner to our customers.

Speaking of customers – we are so grateful to have customers who trust us with their important projects, whether it’s for their customers, employees or general public. How gratifying it is to take a job from inception to the successful final outcome.

So I think, how often do we tell these people how much we appreciate their expertise, knowledge and commitment? Sure, a “thanks so much” in an email, but do they really know? While it’s a little early for resolutions, and I’m not a total believer in those as they dwindle by mid-January, I’ve been thinking if we could write one thank you note a day (old school – a paper notecard and pen), that would mean around 250 notes a year.

But more importantly, that would be 250 people who would know how much they are appreciated and hopefully make their day with a simple message of gratitude.