Imagewear That Pops and Promotes!

Create uniforms that your staff will want to wear!  We’re all familiar with uniforms in the workplace – whether in a casual environment or more formal.  So many reasons a company benefits from choosing image apparel for their employees. Just to name a few:

  1. Brand Identity. Creates and identifies your brand, leaving a first and a last impression. Uniforms provide visual recognition of employees to customers, improving customer service.
  2. Team Spirit. Encourages team spirit because employees feel part of a team and a sense of belonging, improving productivity and company pride.  Staff feel good about their company, becoming ambassadors off the job.
  3. Security. Uniforms that exhibit styles or colors quickly identify who does or does not belong in specific work areas or on job sites.
  4. Economic. Serves as an employee benefit that saves them time and money. In addition, promotes pride and unity.
  5. Safety. There are also functional benefits – such as safety. For example, high-visibility uniforms protect employees on construction crews or flame-resistant workwear prevents injuries from fires, etc.

Think about uniforms you recognize at first site:

Closeup of three well-known brands with their logos embroidered their uniform shirts: UPS, McDonald's and AutoZone.

Apparel builds brands that create lasting impressions.  As uniforms in the workplace could be important for your company, there is much to consider when opting for a program.  No matter the job, choose apparel styles that reflect your corporate culture – be modern, trending and comfortable – get it right!