Give Joy – Today is NOT TOO SOON!

Supply Chain Issues Mean Plan Ahead for Corporate Holiday Gifts

We’re all hearing about and dealing with supply chain challenges in just about every aspect of our lives – it’s frustrating and stressful to feel like you have no ability to fix the problems – but when it comes to your promotional product purchases, we have the solution: ACT NOW AND PLAN AHEAD.

Yes, there are challenges…

🔗 Supply Chain / Inventory Shortages / Price Increases
👷‍♀️ Labor Shortages / Longer Production Times
🚢 Transport / Shipping Delays

…and the good news is, we can help you navigate through this craziness! With our knowledge and expertise and your willingness to jump into action now, together we can meet and overcome these challenges. We’ll say it again though as it bears repeating: NOW is the time to act.

Our Solutions For You:

🎯 Targeted Product Selection with In-Stock Availability
📅 On-Time Deliveries
🎁 Assistance with Kitting and Fulfillment

What You Can Do Now:

⏳ Start Planning Now! (Yep, we said it again)
🤸‍♀️ Be Flexible with Your Product Selection. Have a Plan A, B and C.
💰 Budget Accordingly – What Used to be Q4 is Now Q3.

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