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Rising Above While Riding the Tide
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“CHANGE IS THE CONSTANT, THE SIGNAL FOR REBIRTH, THE EGG OF THE PHOENIX.” – CHRISTINA BALDWIN We are in very turbulent times, layoffs, downsizing, clients cutting budgets and some not buying at all.  Each of us have encountered, or may … Read More

A Barrel Full of Ideas
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“THE BEST WAY TO HAVE A GOOD IDEA IS TO HAVE LOTS OF IDEAS.”– LINUS PAULING Ideas have legs! We often have ideas, or the nucleus of an idea and we fail to capture the thought. Journalizing your ideas is … Read More

Going the Extra Mile for You
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“THERE ARE NO TRAFFIC JAMS ON THE EXTRA-MILE” Doing a bit extra these days; well, not many people embrace this.  We are so wrapped up in doing so much that we often times forget that it’s the little things that … Read More

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