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The Gift That Keeps on Giving
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“FROM WHAT WE GET, WE CAN MAKE A LIVING; WHAT WE GIVE, HOWEVER, MAKES A LIFE.”– ARTHUR ASHE We encounter different people along life’s path. It is no mistake that the people you meet came into your life at that very … Read More

Stop Sitting on Your Ideas!
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“TO ME, IDEAS ARE WORTH NOTHING…UNLESS EXECUTED; THEY ARE JUST A MULTIPLIER. EXECUTION IS WORTH MILLIONS.” – STEVE JOBS I have seen this over and over, ideas with zero execution…it sounds something like this: “I should have, could have, I want … Read More

Selling a T-Shirt by Telling a Story
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My friend told me a story recently about a trip she took Montana. The sky was blue and seemed to last forever. The mountains were everything you expect as winter transitions to spring – the perfect mix of snow-capped glory … Read More

Objects and Pixels and Paths, Oh My!
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Here’s the promised follow up on last week’s post where we compared vector and raster images.  Now we’ll uncover why it matters (or when) in regards to your marketing, such as when you’re ordering company shirts or talking to your … Read More

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