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Ten Things That Require ZERO Talent
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Being accountable is having the courage to take an honest, introspective look at your own performance…YOU should be your biggest critic; you should want this for yourself. Imagine for a moment if EVERYONE did these ten things at 100%, or … Read More

“When You’re Hitting a Wall”
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“WHEN YOU’RE HITTING A WALL, FOCUS ON ONE BRICK”– TYLER MAY, AUTHOR Everyone experiences this…’hitting the wall’; regardless of your job, title, age, gender it doesn’t matter at some point in life we hit that proverbial wall – so what do … Read More

Is Your Business Wearing Mismatched Socks?
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Put yourself in this scene: you’re networking (formally or casually), you’ve introduced yourself, shaken hands with a new acquaintance and are getting ready to talk about your business, when all of the sudden you point out the socks you’re wearing don’t match. Wait, what? Can … Read More

The Gift That Keeps on Giving
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“FROM WHAT WE GET, WE CAN MAKE A LIVING; WHAT WE GIVE, HOWEVER, MAKES A LIFE.”– ARTHUR ASHE We encounter different people along life’s path. It is no mistake that the people you meet came into your life at that very … Read More

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