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Iced Tea – No Straw, Please!
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On two recent trips, I became curious after receiving drinks with paper straws at both mom & pop establishments and well-known coffee houses. First, this was a fun throwback to my childhood years! Second, after doing a little bit of … Read More

A Positive Negative
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In today’s world of negative, thought it would be fun to talk about a positive negative. At Avalon, our world is all about brands and logos. Have your heard about negative space logos? Marketers say that a good logo should … Read More

The Perfect Storm!
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The Avalon team just got back from PPAI Expo in Las Vegas – our industry’s largest and best tradeshow. This is an awesome event for us, as we see so many creative promotional/marketing ideas, meet with suppliers and get together … Read More

Ten Things That Require ZERO Talent
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Being accountable is having the courage to take an honest, introspective look at your own performance…YOU should be your biggest critic; you should want this for yourself. Imagine for a moment if EVERYONE did these ten things at 100%, or … Read More

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