Ten Things That Require ZERO Talent

Brick Wall

Being on Time
Work Ethic
Body Language
Being Coachable
Doing Extra
Being Prepared

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Being accountable is having the courage to take an honest, introspective look
at your own performance…YOU should be your biggest critic; you should want this for yourself.

Imagine for a moment if EVERYONE did these ten things at 100%, or even 90%…the possibilities would be without limits!

You really do have the capacity to be amazing, on top of your game, whatever you choose to do in life. This is not only for business but your personal life as well.

It won’t happen overnight and you will fall down; recognize it and keep focusing on betterment and self-improvement.

Time to tally…, what‘s your score?

Until next week, work on becoming the very best you can be; you owe it to your team, your family and most importantly, yourself!

Very special thanks to Cliff Quicksell, MAS+ for his great insight.